Hempfest from days gone by: A woman smokes a joint at Seattle's Hempfest in August 2004. For decades, crowds have gathered each year at Myrtle Edwards Park on the waterfront to rally for marijuana law reform. (Ron Wurzer, Getty Images file)

Week in Weed: Where’s Wiz? Plus Hempfest and other dank Instas

Congrats to Seattle Hempfest and those who braved the rain the first day of the annual festival celebrating legalization in the Pacific Northwest. Event-goers were not deterred and finished the weekend off strong. Tommy Chong was there holding babies for photos, it was epic.

This week, we also have a before-and-after shot of Mykayla Comstock, whose family turned to cannabis in her fight against cancer. We’ve got a replacement for mistletoe for all you marijuana-minded party hosts. And to mix up our celebrity sighting this week, we are playing a “Where’s Waldo” of sorts: “Where’s Wiz?”

Which shot is your favorite? Show me what I should have included in the comments below!

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August 17, 2015

1. Pinkleberry sunset.

2. Who’s got a light?

3. Cannabis Sizurp is a real thing.

4. Flawless.

5. Life magazine in 1969: “Should it be legalized?”

6. One of the faces of the cancer fight: Mykalya Comstock.

7. Like mistletoe, only non-toxic.

8. Lots of hash, also non-toxic.

9. Dabs of Wrecking Ball, anyone?

10. You found The Wiz, smoking with a flowery crown atop his head. (Or is that popcorn?)

Like real ones.

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11. Highlight on Blackberry Skywalker.

12. Peach and blue, just me and you.

Peach and blues #minitube #hondoglass #fumeTech #glassofig #alkibeachglass #pnwglass

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13. My favorite lucky charm.

14. Smoke? No, I don’t smell any smoke.

15. Until next year, Seattle Hempfest.