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Week in Weed: Tommy Chong is on a roll with his latest pot product

Once upon a time, in 2003, Tommy Chong went to jail for selling bongs and sending them across state lines. He wasn’t the only one doing it, but he knew that wasn’t the point. It was more or less an attack on Chong’s personal character, a pot-wielding adult in real life and on a hit television show. He was a marijuana smoker and he was getting away with it. After a nine-month stint in a place Chong described to Rolling Stone as “a rest home for gangsters,” Chong returned to the outside world a changed man — sike!

Times have changed more than Chong has. He’s now getting ready to sell his own branded pre-roll joints. The vintage Chong Bongs had a little Tommy Chong face on each one — so do these new Chong cones — so you can always get high with Tommy.

Alongside Chong, we’ve got a peek at what kind of buds are being toked overseas in London. We also have a tiny glass dinosaur and a handy stoner math equation. Which shot is your favorite? Show me what I should have included in the comments below.

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August 6, 2015

1.Hit play to see the man in action.

I'm a mad scientist, come try my Chong Cone :) Available soon from @futurolausa

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2. Unless that is a very tiny hand, that is a very large leaf.

3. Weed Math.

4. What a cutie.

5. Fine green.

6. Riiiiiiiight?

7. Reggae Rum Punch!

8. Loud.

9. Someone, somewhere, has this tattooed on their lower back.

10. What’s going on across the pond?

11. Just lovely.

12. It’s so pretty.

13. Not your mama’s grapefruit.

14. Blooming.

15. Aand we’re done.