Wiz Khalifa performs at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on Aug. 19, 2014. (Glenn Ross, Heyreverb.com)

Week in Weed: Wiz Khalifa is flat-out tatted-out and 14 more stoney pics

Let's do this: 15 of the week's best weed-inspired Instagrams

After last week’s smoking selfie by Miley Cyrus, I didn’t think I’d find a celeb shot quite as good for this installment. But one stop by Wiz Khalifa’s Instagram feed proved I had nothing to worry about.

Of course there are plenty of other cannabis pictures this week. We have a glimpse at the pothead’s preferred paperweight and how to keep it covert when you’re stoned and don’t want anyone to know. And which do you prefer, to smoke your weed or swallow it in pill form?

Which shot is your favorite? Show me what I should have included in the comments below!

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July 28, 2015

1. Wiz doesn’t care what you think about it, either.

Smoking chronic whenever and wherever I want.

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2. It should all look this good.

3. Likely the dankest drink.

4. Stop and smell the roses.

Life and time go hand in hand correct? You cannot have life without time, to exist at its very core means that time has to progress (I would say forward but it could work in reverse) but time and life are linked. Everyone says that life is precious, and I've heard the same for time. So why are we wasting it? We work our lives away, and for what? A few hours here and there to finally live our life? A life we are too tired to do anything with? Yes, some work is rewarding, Yes I know you can argue that if you love what you do than its not really work etc, but why do we work so much? Why is 40 hours the standard? Why only 2 day weekends? Who sets these standards and why in the f* do we blindly follow them? We spend so much time working for money, stressing about money, backstabbing for money. Sure money is great, you can buy all sorts of shit, but you know what it can't buy? TIME. It can't buy back all those hard, needless hours, working, stressing.. Look I love work, staying busy, helping, contributing to society and all that. But I think that there is something wrong with how we have been wired to think that we need a big house and car and expensive crap to fill them with or our life isn't fulfilled. And to pay for the current standard of what society pushes down our throats as normal, you just need to become a mindless worker drone in the corporate system. And you are apart of that system weather you realize it or not. Wake up. Stop wasting your time. Take back your life 👊🏻

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5. Trying not to drool.

6. Pot-infused paperweights.

7. Clarity.

8. Sky-high bound.

9. Even James Franco didn’t make Pineapple Express look this good.

10. Undercover stoner.

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11. Nobody puts Baby behind a fence!

12. MJ infused vodka drink, check.

13. Buckle up for this closeup.

14. If you prefer not to smoke, there are other options.

15. Frosty bottom.

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