Actress Susan Sarandon (Cindy Ord, Getty Images for Movado)

Why Susan Sarandon wants to ‘blaze one’ with these famous rappers

Exactly one year ago, actress Susan Sarandon predicted this of marijuana: “It will be legal everywhere.”

Sarandon has never been shy about her love of weed. And now she’s inviting a couple famous MCs to “blaze one” while they discuss hip-hop slang.

In A$AP Rocky’s 2013 rap jam “1Train,” Action Bronson rhymes “You see us scramblin’, sellin’ Susan Sarandon / the cloud of smoke like the Phantom.”

It took Sarandon a while to hear the track, but now that she’s heard the name-drop she’s wondering what it means — and she’s wondering if the rappers would like to discuss it over a joint.

Check the 4:30 mark in the song — or start a little early at 4:20 if you like:

But what does it meeeeeean? Those responding to Sarandon’s tweet had some ideas — “selling that white girl” often refers to cocaine, but given Sarandon’s very public penchant for pot perhaps it was weed they were moving?

Either way, Action Bronson’s non-sequitur of a response didn’t answer any of Sarandon’s questions. Looks like they’ll still have to “blaze one” after all.