Actress Susan Sarandon (Cindy Ord, Getty Images for Movado)

Why Susan Sarandon wants to ‘blaze one’ with these famous rappers

When Susan Sarandon hears herself name-checked in a hip-hop anthem, she invites the MCs over to talk and share a joint

Exactly one year ago, actress Susan Sarandon predicted this of marijuana: “It will be legal everywhere.”

Sarandon has never been shy about her love of weed. And now she’s inviting a couple famous MCs to “blaze one” while they discuss hip-hop slang.

In A$AP Rocky’s 2013 rap jam “1Train,” Action Bronson rhymes “You see us scramblin’, sellin’ Susan Sarandon / the cloud of smoke like the Phantom.”

It took Sarandon a while to hear the track, but now that she’s heard the name-drop she’s wondering what it means — and she’s wondering if the rappers would like to discuss it over a joint.

Check the 4:30 mark in the song — or start a little early at 4:20 if you like:

But what does it meeeeeean? Those responding to Sarandon’s tweet had some ideas — “selling that white girl” often refers to cocaine, but given Sarandon’s very public penchant for pot perhaps it was weed they were moving?

Either way, Action Bronson’s non-sequitur of a response didn’t answer any of Sarandon’s questions. Looks like they’ll still have to “blaze one” after all.