Is this young woman smoking weed from behind the wheel of a cop car? (

Update: Mystery solved on these cannabis cop car photos

Updated July 16, 2015 at 12:03 p.m.

Talk about a double-take.

Some photos present such polarizing elements that they require a second look. And these photos below — of a young woman smoking a joint while behind the wheel of what appears to be a police cruiser and sharing the weed with a guy in some sort of law enforcement-style uniform — are most definitely those kinds of photos. (UPDATE: Skip to the bottom to get to the bottom this.)

The photos, shared on Twitter by Marijuana Posts via the cutline “Meanwhile in Colorado,” have some Denver locals wondering if they were truly taken in Colorado — and if that’s a legitimate law officer on the receiving end of that passed joint.

Law enforcement agencies in Colorado’s largest city and the suburban county that hosts the annual U.S. Cannabis Cup each April 20 said they are confident it’s not one of their officers, according to representatives with the Denver Police Department and the Adams County Sheriff’s Office.

“My gut feeling is that it is a private security guard,” one law enforcement source guessed after seeing the photos.

So while we’re almost certain that a police officer wouldn’t allow someone behind the wheel of his cruiser — while enjoying a blunt or not — we’ll leave it to you detectives to figure it out. So who is this mystery woman? And bonus points if you figure out how this post-modern photo-op came about.

One hint: There’s a banner behind the car that appears to say, “Expert Cannabis Consultants.” Recognize the logo? Know the company? Let’s figure this mystery out!

UPDATE: Props to attentive readers Jason, Andy and TGK88, who pointed out that some enterprising individuals at weed fest Chalice California had this staged photo-op set up — for a price. From TGK88’s comment: “There was a fake cop there (specifically this exact fellow – complete with fake cruiser and everything) letting people take ‘Smoke with a Cop’ photos for $20 each. There are tons of variations of this photo on Instagram to confirm this.”

Smart folks — and surely they made some money off the photo-op!