Video: Aurora considers limiting pot plants for home growers and more

The city of Aurora is considering a change in the number of pot plants allowed for home growers.

Under the proposal, the city would set a limit of 12 plants total per household. Previously, Aurora allowed six plants per adult resident in a household. Those numbers were set when medical marijuana was first approved.

Police and fire officials have reported problems caused by people growing too many plants in their homes.

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Why marijuana edibles are unpredictable: When buying marijuana flower at a dispensary, it’s not difficult to find something tailor-made for your needs: Sativas for energy and focus, indicas for pain relief and sleep, hybrids for something in between.

Try out the same formula for pot-infused edibles, and your options are (for the most part) only distinguished by flavor, with nothing said about how it will treat you. The truth is, cannabis food is still miles behind flower when it comes to predicting what kind of effect it will deliver.

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Of the many ways marijuana is marketed — smoke it, eat it, vape it — infused topicals are another option joining the many pot products offered to medical and recreational shoppers.

These cannabis-infused lotions, salves, massage oils and balms: Do they really work for relieving pain at its source?

Mary Jane’s Medicinals owner Dahlia Mertens and Denver Post marijuana editor Ricardo Baca discuss topicals on a recent episode of The Cannabist Show.