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After California: What’s the next-most important state voting on pot in 2016?

Sure, everyone is looking to the state of California in 2016.

Of the five or six states voting to legalize (or not) some form of marijuana in November 2016, California is the Big Kahuna. With a population nearly 40 million people, the country’s oldest medical marijuana program and the eighth largest economy in the world, California is the single-most important battleground for cannabis activists in 2016.

But what state is home to the next most important battleground? Will it be Nevada and its titanic tourism, Massachusetts and its essential east coast location or another state putting pot on the 2016 ballot?

National Cannabis Industry Association deputy director Taylor West joined marijuana editor Ricardo Baca on a recent episode of The Cannabist Show. West gives her opinion on what the next-biggest state would be after California in the 2016 vote — and her answer will very well surprise you.

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