Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse (John Shearer, Invision/AP)

Modest Mouse singer rips Portland, worries about his drug-dealer friends

Modest Mouse frontman Isaac Brock has long been a weirdly intense dude. And based on an interview he recently rocked while playing the Open’er music festival in Gdynia, Poland (see the video above), he still has lots of strange wisdom to share.

For example, Brock’s take on his hometown of Portland, Oregon — which, like Austin, abides by the “Keep ________ weird” motto.

“Portland is weird, but it’s kind of a crappy weird,” Brock says in the interview. “It is the most vagrant-ridden (place) — it’s really fuckin’ up my liberal mind. I’m just like: What a collection of human turds.”

And Brock’s not done with his odd Portland-bashing.

“Portland’s like the last vestige of the die-hard hippie. Actually, Eugene, Oregon, is. But some of them end up moving to Portland to sell crafts and weed.”

Speaking of Oregon’s newly legal weed, Brock is starting to feel concerned about the budding industry’s impact on his drug-dealing friends’ careers.

“I’m really, really worried because weed’s legal as of now in Oregon, and so many of my unemployable friends have just fuckin’ lost their job to legal weed,” Brock says in the interview. “Cos who the fuck’s gonna buy their dried-up shit when you can actually get really good weed?

“They’ve gotta start a jobs program for all the unemployed. Some of these dudes have no back-up plan. Selling weed, that was it.”

So where does Brock stand on legalization? That’s a silly question, Brock says.

“I totally support it because there are people in jail over weed and stuff, which is stupid. That could be my grandma, for Chrissakes. Everyone I know fucking smokes weed.”