A woman holds a joint at a 4/20 Rally in Denver. (John Moore, Getty Images)

Week in Weed: A new joint venture for Lena Dunham and Jenny Slate

The Week in Weed welcomes two funny female celebs to our roster with Lena Dunham and Jenny Slate filming with HBO. Sure, the gals are “acting” here, but I think that joint looks pretty legit, don’t you? We also have a little gnome hiding in this week’s fresh batch of pot shots. And who could forget the epic win for gay rights this past week?

Which shot is your favorite? Show me what I should have included in the comments below!

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June 30, 2015

1. Marriage for ALL!

2. “Too large,” they say — I could argue against that.

3. Fancy.

4. Nothing like an infused jam on toast.

5. Retail pot design appreciation.

6. Wax on, indeed.

7. “Drop seeds not bombs.”

8. Can’t wait to see this in stores.

9. Ganja goddess imagery.

10. By a show of hands (or flippers) …

11. Do you know the differences? (Learn more about CBD in this special report.)

12. I heard that!

13. This guy is keeping watch.

14. “Love and Marij.”

15. Gotta end things with a Bhang.

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