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Video: Is recreational cannabis killing the medical marijuana movement?

Is the push for legal recreational cannabis in North and South America slowing down, hindering or even killing the medical marijuana movement?

Denver Post marijuana editor Ricardo Baca talks with Uruguay-based journalist Will Carless and medical marijuana advocate Brandon Coats, who recently lost a high-profile marijuana case in the Colorado Supreme Court, on the issue on a recent Cannabist Show.

“In South America they’re far behind in terms of both accepting marijuana as something a lot of people enjoy partaking in,” said Carless, a senior correspondent for the GlobalPost in South America, “so in terms of breaking the stigma and just getting things out in the open and getting people talking about it and realizing that it’s a recreational drug on the same level of alcohol and tobacco and whatever, I think that any movement toward deregulation brings along the medical marijuana movement with it — it gets people talking and accepting it.”

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