A worker inspects a marijuana plant at High Country Healing, a Colorado marijuana retailer in Silverthorne, in January 2015. (Helen H. Richardson, Denver Post file)

Cannabist Show: He sells organic marijuana; He makes stylish stash kits

Our guests on this week’s Cannabist Show: L’Eagle owner John Andrle and Stashlogix co-founder Sam Campbell.

Top marijuana news: There’s a new weed-themed rock radio station in Denver on the FM dial, and they’re going by the name Smokin 94.1, or KBUD. The station’s owner is a gent named Masc Paskin, and he’s a millionaire from San Diego who made his money in real estate. But Paskin is now going by the name ‘Gary Ganja’ when he’s hosting on the radio station, and Gary Ganja is all pot leaf-T-shirts and fake dreadlocks. One of the big questions remains: Will KBUD be able to host advertising for pot shops, edibles companies and the like? Advertising laws for the cannabis industry are very strict in Colorado, but Gary Ganja — or, his alter-ego Paskin — seems to think he’ll be able to make it work. We spoke with an FCC lawyer in Washington D.C. who told us, “As long as marijuana remains illegal under federal law, broadcasters operating pursuant to a federally issued license (which is all of them!) cannot run ads for marijuana businesses.”

In other pot news this week, our colleagues over at TMZ did an informal, unscientific and anonymous poll with NBA players about their feelings surrounding the legalization of cannabis. Of the 10 active players TMZ polled, all of them said they support legal and league-sanctioned cannabis. It’s interesting because the TMZ poll comes at an important crossroads in this conversation. The Oklahoma City Thunder’s star player Kevin Durant was caught on camera while partying in Hollywood in late-May with what looked like a prescription bottle of weed, which fell out of his SUV as he was getting in. It was newsworthy because of Durant’s star-power and the league’s anti-cannabis policy — but most news outlets failed to report that Durant currently hails from a state that is attempting to sue Colorado over its recreational marijuana program in the U.S. Supreme Court.

This week’s guests: We talk with L’Eagle’s John Andrle about what “organic” means in modern marijuana and Stashlogix co-founder Sam Campbell about storing your marijuana safely.

Play along with the Pot Quiz: Hospitals are partnering with pot shops in one medical state; An African American TV personality and medical marijuana patient is speaking out in Pennsylvania; and more on CNN’s weed-rooted docu-series.

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