Wiz Khalifa (Charles Sykes, Invision/AP)

Week in Weed: Wiz Khalifa lights up and declares, ‘I just don’t give a ****’

In a world where people are still getting busted for weed, it’s a real pleasure to catch up with Wiz Khalifa each week as he lets anyone and everyone know how he blazes.

Also in this Week in Weed: New craft projects for stoners — if you know how to weave. And what do you get when you cross literature and marijuana? Find out in this week’s Week in Weed.

And which shot is your favorite? Show me what Instas I should have included in the comments below!

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June 8, 2015

1. Wiz just never disappoints!

I probably shouldn't be doing half of the shit I do but I just don't give a fuck.

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2. You know the feeling.

3. Hulk-Stoned.

4. Walker, Texas Dabber.

5. Speaking of dabs.

6. Looks more like Jessica Tandy to me.

7. Hemp for victory!

We only use the finest #coloradogrown @elitecannabis #organic #hemp in our products. #coloradoproud #locallygrown #WheresYourHempFrom??

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8. Seriously.

9. New hand-crafted woven blunt. This is 2015, people.

10. Just water and sunshine, folks.

11. Indica daydreams.

12. Like, whoa.

13. Need a first date ice-breaker?

14. Beware the Kraken.

#wickedkraken @wickedglass

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15. And it’s usually me.