Marijuana smoke rises from Norlin Quad at the University of Colorado during the 4/20 celebration on April 20, 2010 in Boulder. (Daily Camera file)

Week in Weed: What if Oprah’s alternate universe was 420-friendly?

This week we are easing down the road to check out what Wiz Khalifa is up to. We witness one mother’s pride in her children — and her cannabis consumption. And we catch a glimpse of what it might be like if Oprah did her “Favorite Things” show stoner-style.

Which flick is your favorite? Show me what shots I should have included in the comments below!

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May 25, 2015

1. Off to see The Wiz.

Very aware and happy for all of your appreciation.

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2. Hotel consumption tricks … could you pass that?

Room swap joints #HighLovechicago #chicago #thisishowweroll

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3. The best part of waking up is ganja in your cup!

New #sundayfunday tradition anyone? #repost @nomadicmitch #weedcoffee #twofavoritethings

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4. Timeless.

5.Speaking of time…

6. Holy oil, indeed

7. Now you’ve got a choice to make.

8. One does not exclude the other.

#womengrow is Women United for collaborative empowerment #womengrow. We are an abundance of angels #womengrow

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9. Easy on the eyes.

10. Celebrate Memorial Day with some light gardening.

11. Or with this.

12. Sunday morning sesh.

13. If this were real, it’d be the best thing on the internet.

14. Stretching for the light.

15. Vacay forever!