A photo of President Barack Obama is seen on the cover of the magazine Cannabis Now at the HempCon medical marijuana show at the Los Angeles Convention Center in May 2013. (Robyn Beck, AFP/Getty Images)

Will the next POTUS pull the plug on states’ marijuana legalization laws?

Could the future of legal recreational marijuana be in jeopardy after the 2016 election with the next U.S. president potentially pulling the plug?

What’s ahead for the presidential candidates — is it more of a liberal or a conservative issue?

Catch a discussion with marijuana editor Ricardo Baca and cannabis event planner Freddie Wyatt of Munch and Company on the role federal marijuana policy will have on future debates and which candidates will be closely watched by the marijuana legalization movement.

Watch the full episode of The Cannabist Show: “He throws big weed parties; She’s a legalization consultant”

A truly 420-friendly candidate: Rapper Waka Flocka Flame is running for President of the United States

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