(Eric Gay, Associated Press file photo)

Texas pot poll: When will state legalize marijuana?

While most marijuana-loving Texans didn’t expect legalization-mania this soon, it’s officially here.

You can sense the excitement over the possibility of Texas marijuana on Austin’s South Congress, Dallas’ Deep Ellum, Houston’s Montrose, Marfa’s main drag and even in the state capitol, where a proposal seeking full legalization of cannabis on religious grounds passed in a House committee earlier this week.

While experts say that bill stands little chance in this legislative session, another bill — authorizing limited use of high-CBD, low-THC medical marijuana oil — was approved by the state Senate and is heading to the House.

For now, cannabis aficionados from the Lone Star State are driving to southern Colorado city Pueblo for their legal marijuana fixes. Author Neal Pollack, also a Cannabist contributor, made the Austin-Pueblo pilgrimage himself — and met plenty of other Texans along the way.

But when will Texans be able to buy legal Texas marijuana within their state’s iconic borders? You tell us:

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