SPLIF, the stock (otcmarkets.com)

Pot stocks: SPLIF (the shares, not the weed) is now being sold in all 50 states

Cannabis aficionados are often fans of a solid play on words or well-placed pun — something that even applies to selecting the right stock symbol apparently.

New edibles company Nutritional High, which will soon sell its products in Colorado and Illinois, just went public in America via the stock symbol SPLIF. So while more established companies have their sly nods embedded in their stock symbols — Anheuser-Busch InBev’s BUD, Harley-Davidson’s HOG and Southwest Airline’s LUV — this little cannabis company rooted in Denver and Toronto has SPLIF marking its pot stocks involvement.

From the word’s entry in The Modern Cannabis Lexicon: “Spliff — A combination of tobacco and marijuana rolled together, often in Europe, that can at times be a cone shape.”

I ran into Nutritional High CEO David Posner in Toronto this week, and he shared the news of his company’s 11,000-square-foot facility in southern Colorado near Pueblo.

“We’ll be on shelves in six months in Colorado,” Posner said.

The company’s tweet announcing its new stock symbols — SPLIF on the U.S.’s OTC market and NHL on Canada’s CSE stock exchange: