Jon Stewart (Brad Barket, AP)

Watch: Jon Stewart rips CNN’s ‘High Profits,’ ‘Weed 3’ — then he gets ripped

Of course Jon Stewart had some 4/20 fun at the expense of one of the major news network that are often the aim of his “Daily Show” barbs.

The special segment (embedded below): “Uncle Jonny’s Super Kush, Totally Chillaxed, Sticky-Icky, Informative Marijuana News Report.” First Stewart rips the promo for CNN’s new docu-series “High Profits,” and then his mellow is harshed by Sanjay Gupta’s “Weed 3.”

The segment reminds us of Stewart’s famous comments on “getting all potted up on weed.” This time, when Stewart goes too far (and too vintage) with his weed jokes, “Daily Show” correspondent Jessica Williams turns the focus on him and sets Stewart on a more modern path:

“Pot isn’t just for shirtless old dudes with bongos,” Williams says. “It’s a non-addictive, proven effective medical treatment that is now raising much-needed tax revenue for schools, libraries and roads.

“This is now, John, and we don’t smoke, we vape our scientifically cultivated, medical-grade buds that we had hand-delivered using a phone app called Dankstagram, which times the delivery to show up precisely five minutes before our Thai food.”

It’s segments like this that make it hard to imagine a Stewartless “Daily Show.” Give it a look: