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Funny: A drug legalization pitch that invokes … Comcast customer service?

“How to win the war on drugs,” a women named Brittany pondered on social media recently.

Legalization is a grand topic more deserving of a dissertation than a Facebook one-off, but Brittany’s now-viral post was meant more as a joke than anything serious. And it’s a good joke at that, especially given the general public’s distaste for their cable provider — a.k.a. Comcast, in this case.

“How to win the war on drugs:” Brittany pondered, as seen in this Instagram user’s post below. “1) legalize all drugs.”

And in her second point comes the punchline.

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“2) require that all drugs be purchased through Comcast customer service.”

Speaking from all-too-recent experience: We got home late last night after a dinner with friends, and as we went to watch this week’s “Man Men” on the DVR we realized that not only had the power gone out temporarily but our cable service was still out of service. My fiancee and I looked at one another, each of us giving that do-you-want-to-call-Comcast look. And I immediately offered an alternative to “Mad Men”: “I do have to start our book-club book …”