University of Montana police officer Luke Hoerner attempts to remove a hacked traffic sign on the corner of Sixth and Arthur streets. "I actually think it's kinda funny," Hoerner said. (Rylan Boggs, Montana Kaimin)

‘Smoke Weed Everyday,’ taunts hacked digital traffic sign at Montana college

As college-rooted practical jokes go, the on-campus digital traffic sign reading “SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY” at the University of Montana is right up there with the time a Los Angeles art student made the Hollywood sign read “Hollyweed.”

If you drove by the corner of Sixth and Arthur streets in Missoula on Monday morning you might have seen the prankster’s handiwork, undoubtedly a shout-out to one of Dr. Dre’s most memorable kiss-offs.

(Nate Dogg closed Dre and Snoop Dogg’s “The Next Episode” with the phrase that has become so iconic that many video-sharing sites mistake “Smoke Weed Everyday” as the song’s title.)

(Time stamp 3:25)

The message was only on the sign for 10-15 minutes, according to the university’s Peggy Kuhr, via Montana CBS station KPAX.

“The password was changed, so whoever did this can’t get in again,” Kuhr told daily newspaper The Missoulian. When the paper contacted the sign’s owner, Professional Construction Services, the company’s president Wade Sellers said they had nothing to do with the message and it wasn’t an attempt to advocate for the legalization of marijuana.

“Definitely not,” Sellers told the paper.

University police officer Luke Hoerner had a more jovial sense of humor about the whole ordeal when he spoke with the Montana Kaimin, the University’s student-run daily newspaper.

“I actually think it’s kinda funny,” Hoerner told the Montana Kaimin.