An example of Tangie from another Colorado dispensary. (Ry Prichard, The Cannabist)

Photo: See the sativa that almost won Cypress Hill’s B-Real a Cannabis Cup

Cypress Hill rapper B-Real is having a pretty epic February.

Last week we reported that the MC will soon be slinging (legal) weed in Orange County, Calif. — and he plans on naming the shop after one of his hit songs, “Dr. Greenthumb.” And now comes the news out of this weekend’s Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino, Calif., that B-Real placed third in the competition’s Best Sativa Flower category.

Cypress Hill MC B-Real's Cannabis Cup-placing Tangie. (High Times)
Cypress Hill MC B-Real’s Cannabis Cup-placing Tangie. (High Times)

B-Real’s Tangie won the third-place honors at the Southern California Cup — and he won a second-place nod for Best Booth.

Cannabist pot critic Jake Browne reviewed a Tangie from Colorado pot collective The Clinic in January 2015, saying: “It’s an orchard flush with citrus Cuties (a traditional holiday snack in our household) that was hit by the spray of a skunk a few days prior. I’m usually looking for muted green foxtails, but it’s the bright orange hairs that will catch your eye first. Instead, I should have had my eyes peeled for immature seeds.”

Have a look at B-Real’s Cup-placing California sample (with the High Times logo) and compare it with our own shot of a Colorado sample, and you’ll certainly see similarities.