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The Week in Weed: Lil Wayne blunts up & 14 other wondrous weed photos

Rapper Lil Wayne’s latest mixtape “Sorry 4 the Wait 2” is out and he memorializes the moment with a smoke — anyone surprised?

Among the other favorites in The Cannabist’s Week in Weed, get an eyeful of a five-course meal that’s all paired with cannabis in Aspen, and see how wise wizard Gandalf hoards his stash.

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Jan. 26, 2015

1. Truffles in Colorado’s cap city.

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Medicated 'Murica. 50mg truffles available in Colorado.

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2. Drip drip drop.

3. Lil Wayne, simply celebrating.

4. Ben is a fan.

5. Smoking up the X Games.
(Hey, that looks like a Timberado peace pipe — here’s a review.)

6. Frosty Tahoe OG.
(FYI, a strain review for Tahoe OG.)

7. My birthday is coming up…

8. You shall not pass!

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From The Wizard!

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9. Root beer and pot?
(Remember that time stoney soda exploded on store shelves in Washington?)

10. Jerry Garcia lives on.

11. You can almost see the future.

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96.7% THC; on that note, goodnight all <3

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12. Take your pick.

13. Fine dining, Colorado style.

14. Talk about top shelf.

15. Marge knows where it’s at.

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