Guster, at the Ogden Theatre in Denver in 2011. (David Gannon,

Wanna get high with rock band Guster after its Denver show at the Ogden?

Rock band Guster is kicking off its North American tour on Jan. 17 at Denver’s historic Ogden Theatre, and “when in Denver, do as the Coloradans do,” the band wrote about its tour-starting gig.

And what exactly do Coloradans do — or at least what do 485,000 Coloradans (or 9 percent of Colorado adults 21 and over) do? They get high, regularly.

And some of those Coloradans will soon be getting high and jamming out with Guster.

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The band, which releases full-length “Evermotion” on Jan. 13, will host what it’s calling “Pot Jam” at noon on Jan. 18, the day after its Ogden Theatre show. The band will pick three winners — fans of the band who play instruments and enjoy marijuana — who “can join us for an afternoon of musical exploration where we all try pot for the first time.”

For the first time? We doubt it. But moving on.

The winners even get to bring a guest, which is pretty dang cool. From the release:

“Guster and six lucky winners will spend the afternoon jamming, chatting music and maybe even trying pot for the first time, though the band warns, ‘Luke might not inhale.’ Guster will provide the instruments, munchies and quality pot (supplied by Sweet Leaf).”

Sound like fun? You can enter to win by sending all of your relevant information (as well as an answer to this question: Why should you get picked to smoke weed and jam with Guster?) to by 5 p.m. EST on Jan. 12.

A few details: You need to be 21. You need to play an instrument. More details here.

And now, here’s the video for Guster’s “Satellite” — which comes in at exactly 4:20.