Wondering how to roll a joint? (Denver Post file)

The Week in Weed: Roll a joint like Tommy Chong, plus 14 other fine pics

Ever wonder how one of the most notorious stoners on the planet rolls a joint? Well, wonder no more because this week Tommy Chong shares his secret, take a look. I can’t get enough of those pretty plant pictures, so there are a few of those. Trichomes for days. And Cannabis Culture shares their candid photo of Santa, enjoying that blunt you left for him this Christmas Eve. Have a safe rest of your holiday.

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Dec. 30, 2014

1. Techniques from the master.

2. We’ve got some tunnel vision going on here.

3. Just when you thought cheesecake couldn’t get any better.

4. Waves of shatter.

5. Breakfast of champions.

Round 2 #grubtime #foodporn #710 #breakfastdabs #hightimes #highsociety #dabsociety #dablyfe #UdabBRO #foodie

A photo posted by Randolph Wright (@bonx42069) on

6. You can almost smell it.

7. 81.51% THC …

8. Exactly.

9. Top-shelf purps, please.

10. Moonrocks — the easiest way to blast into space.

11. Ever need a reason to visit Colorado Springs?

Get down to the springs and get this Tora Bora asap! @naturalmysticcaregivers #cbd

A photo posted by White Mousse Concentrates (@wmconcentrates) on

12. Super Lemon Haze – check out the Cannabist review of this strain.

13. Hope you left him a big-ass glass of milk too.

"Ho Ho Ho Merry…Juana!" Hempy Holidays from Cannabis Culture & Pot TV

A photo posted by Cannabis Culture (@cannabisculture) on

14. Oh, if only life were like an infused box of chocolates…

15. Took the words right out of my mouth.

#high #maryjane #stoner #stonergal

A photo posted by Anonymous (@chanel_stoner) on

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