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Best of 2014: The 15 most intriguing questions our readers asked this year

11. Hotel pot policies
Q: Is there a place to stay for three to five days while in Colorado that will allow recreational smoking?
A: Yes, there are a growing number of  toker-friendly accommodations in Colorado.  It’s not a wise option to smoke in just any hotel room. Last year, the state’s Clean Indoor Air Act was amended to include marijuana smoking, so public buildings, like hotels, cannot legally allow indoor marijuana smoking unless in designated smoking areas. Here’s a brief rundown of appropriate options. Read the full response.

12. Landlord issue
Q: We just received a letter from our property managers saying “the possession, consumption, use, display, transfer, sale, transportation, or growing of marijuana on any Benedict  Park Place will be a lease violation  and may be subject to eviction.”  How can they ban a legal product?
A: Unfortunately, yes, it is legal for your landlord to ban cannabis use on their private property, even your swanky pad.  Landlords can put conditions in leases, barring even lawful activities, from their property.  Read the full response.

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13. Sentimental for ’70s strains
Q: I lived in downtown Denver in the late ’70s. My first experience with marijuana was in the Mile High City and I loved it because I was poor as a pauper and it helped me not to worry.  I was amazed at its effects. I could just sit in a rocker in my apartment and smile at the wall, I was so happy. I worked part time at The Big Cheese, a little cheese store a block from what was then Cheesman Park. We would take a few tokes and have a blast selling the cheeses. The customers loved us. So, would you have any idea what strain this would be?
A: What a nostalgic trip!  Thank you for sharing your memories in such a picturesque vignette. I can see it now, you rocking in a chair, smiling at the wall and smelling like cheese. You have to admit, it’s a tall order to track down an exact strain from 40 years ago through the hazy history of marijuana in the prohibition days. I can think of one person who would have a remembrance of 1970s strains in Denver and who doesn’t mind publicly sharing his clandestine knowledge. Read the full response.

14. Gun permits and marijuana use
Q: What about possessing both guns and marijuana at the same time? What about concealed carry permits?
A: There are differences on the state versus the federal level. According to marijuana attorney Sean McAllister: “Guns are only a problem under state law if you possess them with illegal drugs. Guns and illegal drugs can result in a five-year mandatory prison sentence. Guns and legal things do not create a problem under state law.” However, at the federal level where marijuana is not legal, McAllister says there are potential consequences. Read the full response.

Gun permits for pot users: Plan to put question before Colorado voters in 2016

15. Keeping herb fresh
Q: I just enjoy a pipe now and then and wondered the best way to store my herb to keep it fresh for a while?
A: Storing cannabis in airtight containers with tight-sealing gaskets is a good start to preserving your quality herb. These containers are easily found in head shops or dispensaries.  For almost 20 years, an acquaintance of mine, Todd Miller, has enjoyed cannabis as well as cigar smoking. He’s a stickler for keeping his aged tobacco and fresh nugs stored at proper humidity for maximum enjoyment. Read the full response.