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Oklahoma police say trio busted with Colorado pot bound for Tulsa

WEATHERFORD, Okla. — Two days after Oklahoma officials lodged a complaint about an influx of Colorado marijuana into the state, police said they arrested a Tulsa man with 85 pounds of pot and $20,000 in cash.

Custer County officials said Seminole police gave them a tip about the journey. Officers stopped a minivan for a broken brake light near Weatherford and found the grass and cash. They said the man and a mother-daughter team from Broken Arrow, who also were arrested, were taking the marijuana to Tulsa.

The Tulsa World reported Wednesday that deputies found receipts showing the three had gone to Colorado to buy the marijuana.

Last Thursday, the attorneys general of Nebraska and Oklahoma asked the U.S. Supreme Court to void a Colorado law legalizing marijuana sales. The Weatherford-area bust was two days later.

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