Members of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church protested outside Denver's East High School in November 2011. (RJ Sangosti, The Denver Post)

Westboro Baptist Church to protest ‘pot-smoking, filthy Colorado pervs!’


If you guessed that the above statement came from Kansas’ controversial Westboro Baptist Church, you’re right. The church’s picket schedule says its congregation will protest at two marijuana shops in southern Colorado next week.

The Westboro Baptist Church collective will protest outside two Pueblo West pot shops on Dec. 29 — Marisol Therapuetics (922 E. Kimble Dr.) from 12:35-1:05 p.m. and Pueblo West Organics (609 E. Enterprise Dr., Ste 140) from 1:15-1:45 p.m. — according to its schedule.

From the group’s website: “Westboro Baptist Church will picket Marisol Therapeutics (WHAT?! look at fluffy words to obfuscate that you sell POT, a mind altering drug), to warn the living – it is a most dire warning … GOD HATES YOUR SORCERIES!”

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The staff at Marisol Therapeutics said Dec. 29 will be business as usual for them — but counterprotesters and members of the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office are expected outside the shop.

“It’ll be an interesting scene for sure,” said Tracy Elias, a manager at Marisol Therapeutics. “As employees, we will not be engaging. But Pueblo as a community is going to show up to counterprotest. We’ve had many calls and seen many Facebook posts about people coming out, and I do believe there will be quite a few people outside counterprotesting.”

Westboro Baptist Church is best known for its extreme anti-gay stance noted in its website and its relentless protesting at AIDS victims’ funerals.

“Doomed USA leads the world in your illegal drug trade,” the church’s website continues. “As if that were not bad enough, now the government sanctions those drugs. You bring down the wrath of God upon you! God Almighty will get his honor in your destruction! Westboro Baptist Church rejoices at the promised coming full, complete, final destruction! God is true and every man a liar. The mouth of the Lord has spoken of this event, so it WILL be!”

Meanwhile the staff at Marisol Therapeutics will be looking out for its customers next week.

“Our main thing is to maintain business as usual and to make sure our customers and patients have their privacy,” said Elias.