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The Week in Weed: Rihanna smokes out her crew & 14 other primo photos

In this week’s installment of the best photos we’ve seen on Instagram, pop star Rihanna (a.k.a. Bad Gal RiRi) gives us an eyeful while smoking a blunt in a designer gown. Three words: You go, girl. We get a pre-Christmas visit from the ol’ Grinch making off with some hash too. Canada’s “Prince of Pot” Marc Emery shares some goodwill. And can you guess which of your childhood favorites likes to chill with a primo nug and an issue of High Times magazine?

We want to see your pics

To submit your Instagram weed photos to the mix, make sure your photos are public and tag @cannabistcurator or use #WeekInWeed. We are not liable if you get in trouble at work because you’re uploading pictures of weed online. So post responsibly, friends, and we will see you again next week.

Dec. 15, 2014

1. Rihanna’s still smokin’ after hosting her inaugural Diamond Ball in L.A.

2. Grow, baby, grow!

Room 1 3rd week of flower

A photo posted by Oregrown (@oregrown) on

3. Everything is easier to understand when explained with puppies.

#PicsArt #420 #ganjagoddes #cbd #thc #mmj

A photo posted by @luzthealchemist on

4. Introducing: the stoner Christmas tree!

5. Is this real life?

@dynastygenetics been killin' it. #MsUniverse straight fire

A photo posted by @lifted_24_7 on

6. Have you checked out The Cannabist’s cannabutter recipe?

It all starts with the butter. #bigpetestreats #cannibutter #cookies

A photo posted by Big Pete's Treats™ (@bigpetestreats) on

7. Your face when you take the last of the hash.

8. Slabs.

9. All I want for Christmas is a big fat dab.

10. Talk about wax on …

11. Not your mom’s brownie recipe.

12. You’ve got a friend in me.

13. No, this is not an alien life form.

14. But one of these might make you feel like an alien.

15. Dreamy, without a doubt.

That #KeefCola #BlueDreamRazz has me feeling relaxed!

A photo posted by denver pot critic ✏ (@potcritic) on

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