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Trailer Park Boys: “I hope (Canada) follows suit with what you guys did”

Is it any surprise the weed-loving Trailer Park Boys are starting their 17-concert, 19-day Dear Santa Claus, Go F#ck Yourself Tour in 420-friendly Colorado?

It’s no coincidence, Ricky, Julian and Bubbles told The Cannabist on Nov. 26.

“This’ll be the first time” we’ve bought legal pot, said an in-character Ricky (real name Robb Wells), calling from the fictional Sunnyvale Trailer Park in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. “It’s always been illegal for us.”

The Canadian comedy trio’s Dec. 2 gig at the Bellco Theater (inside the Colorado Convention Center) will give the boys an opportunity to sample the wares of the oldest legal pot market in the U.S. Perhaps they’ll smoke enough to be able to answer the age-old question:

What’s better, B.C. Bud or Denver Dank?

Regardless, the Trailer Park Boys are hoping that Canada legalizes marijuana in the near future.

“I hope (Canada) follow suit with what you guys did,” said Ricky. “But for now I grow most of my own (marijuana). I’m growing a little sativa at the moment.”

Now that’s an endorsement: Canada’s largest addiction center supports legalization

Does Ricky have any growing secrets to share?

“Outdoors is pretty easy,” Ricky started, and then paused, silently acknowledging that outdoor grows are illegal in Colorado: “But when I’m growing indoors I make sure I have lots of lights. Some people try and skimp on the lights.”

Bubbles (a.k.a. Mike Smith) added another one of Ricky’s secrets: “Ricky talks to his weed plants just like they’re people, and he’ll have two- or three-hour conversations with them. It brings them right out of the dirt.”

And what about Julian — is he also growing some at home?

“I help ’em sell it,” Julian (a.k.a. John Paul Tremblay) added. “I’ll smoke a bit of Ricky’s dope every now and then, but that shit blows your head off. You never know what the hell you’re smoking when Ricky grows it.”

At least what they’ll buy in Denver shops will be clearly marked. So what’ll it be, boys: Some Blue Dream, Agent Orange or the when-in-Colorado favorite 303 Kush?

It would be wise for Ricky, Julian and Bubbles to spend some time with our Top 25 Strains guide before they land in Denver.

Tickets, $31-$51, are still available for the Trailer Park Boys’ Denver date.