Woody Harrelson, in a poncho. (Saturday Night Live)

Video: ‘SNL,’ Woody Harrelson take to streets over amended N.Y. pot laws

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s sweeping changes to New York’s marijuana possession laws inspired the writers at “Saturday Night Live” to have some more fun with the issue.

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Marijuana came up more than once on the Nov. 15 “SNL” hosted by Woody Harrelson. But the most thorough exploration of Harrelson’s afinity for the plant — not to mention the legalization movement’s tremendous momentum — was digital short “A New Day” (above).

In the short, Harrelson’s dredded-out character and others take to New York City’s streets to celebrate its loosening drug laws — only to realize that, like laws in Colorado, legalization still has its limits in 2014.