A joint in a Smarties candy wrapper: "This is the cutest and Smartyest way we've ever received a joint," say the ladies from Comedy Central's "Broad City." (twitter.com/broadcity)

The ‘cutest way’ the ‘Broad City’ comics have been gifted a joint is …

Because sharing is caring, and because fans take special pride when their gifted weed finds its way into the pockets and (eventually) lungs of their favorite 420-friendly stars, the gifted green baggie has long been a common sight at comedy clubs and rock clubs.

Touring comedians and bands aren’t living the most 420-friendly lifestyle, what with all those pesky state border crossings and trips through airport security and thousands of miles put on the van. So the practice of fans sharing weed with these artists has become commonplace, be it organized smoke-outs outside comedy club back doors a la Doug Benson or thrown baggies from the mosh pit to the stage a la Snoop Dogg.

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The comedians behind Comedy Central’s break-out hit “Broad City” are no different. These ladies get some pretty cool gifts, the best of which land on the duo’s shared Twitter.

“normally we wouldn’t post this,” they posted on Nov. 16, “but this is the cutest and Smartyest way we’ve ever received a joint.”

Sure enough, it’s pretty clever.