Massachusetts Gov elect Charlie Baker (Mark M. Murray, AP)

Future Mass. Gov. Charlie Baker will ‘vigorously oppose’ pot legalization

The marijuana legalization movement’s biggest movers and shakers are already setting the groundwork to legalize recreational cannabis in Massachusetts in the 2016 election. But Massachusetts governor-elect Charlie Baker says he will “oppose that vigorously” when the time comes.

Massachusetts is already home to a fledgling medical marijuana system that has yet to open a single dispensary. The state also voted to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of pot.

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But will the northeastern state vote — as Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Washington D.C. have — to have legal recreational marijuana in its borders?

“I’m going to oppose that,” governor elect Baker told, “and I’m going to oppose that vigorously … with a lot of help from a lot of other people in the addiction community.”

Baker also said be believes marijuana is a gateway drug, a “significant first step” toward more serious drugs. “There’s a ton of research out there at this point that says, especially for young people, it’s just plain bad.”