Washington DC's monuments and landmarks, seen from afar. (Win McNamee, Getty Images)

WaPo editorial: ‘Congress should allow D.C.’s marijuana legalization to stand’

Marijuana legalization will not be a straightforward process in the nation’s capital, but the Washington Post published an editorial on Nov. 6 asking Congress to step out of Washington D.C.’s business when it comes to the issue of cannabis in the District.

But first a brief catch-up for those who need a cheat-sheet: On Election Day, Washington D.C. voted to legalize recreational marijuana. The measure won by a definitive margin — 69 percent! Even though the hometown paper didn’t support the measure, the New York Times sure did.

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But now another battle comes for D.C.: Federal lawmakers might try and stop the voters’ will. And that’s where the Washington Post comes in.

“D.C. voters, as expected, gave overwhelming approval to a ballot initiative that would legalize marijuana and, as expected, there were immediate rumblings from Capitol Hill of plans to block its implementation,” the Post’s editorial board wrote under the headline “Congress should allow D.C.’s marijuana legalization to stand.” “We did not favor passage of Initiative 71, but we do believe in democracy and self-government. Congress should recognize how inappropriate it would be to interfere with the District on this local issue.”

The editorial goes on to address Maryland Republican representative Andy Harris, who has already promised to “stop this action.” And then the editorial drops a bomb on Harris’ intentions.

“Mr. Harris said his interest stems from concerns about the possible impact of legalization on adolescent drug use, yet he has shown little interest in the welfare of teenagers who reside in states that have moved to legalize the drug.”