What happens when Tinder users share their stoney stories with the Twitterverse? (twitter.com/tinderfessions)

10 most stoney Tinderfessions: ‘I can’t go on Tinder when I’m stoned cause…’

If you’ve ever looked for love on popular dating app Tinder — or thumbed through your friend’s Tinder account, at least — you know there’s potential there for madness.

Tinder makes hooking up easy — or at least easier. Some people get in trouble for their Tinder behavior. Others wonder if Tinder’s bad for their psyche. And Tinder’s creators are laughing all the way to the bank.

Let’s talk about sex: Question: “I’m looking for a strain that gives the effect of being very horny. Can you recommend the variety I should look for?” Answer: “Sex strains, what an arousing topic! Since you are looking …”

All of that said, Tinder gives us plenty of food for thought, and that’s where Tinderfessions was born. The site takes anonymous confessions fueled by Tinder users’ experiences/imaginations. Surely not all of it’s true, but the site’s popular Twitter account has drawn nearly 180,000 followers who check in regularly on the many adventures within.

Here are 10 of the most stoney, smoke-fueled Tinderfessions we found:

1. Rubik’s Cubes represent on Tinderfession.

2. Alien encounters do, too.

3. There’s nothing wrong with admitting one’s love of pizza.

4. But paranoia doesn’t mix well with Tinder.

5. Tinder’s great for connecting with like-minded hippies.

6. Never forget: ‘YOU ALWAYS PURPEN!!!!!!’

7. … and then the munchies come into play.

8. … and the video games.

9. … and the pre-jail “don’t-forget-me” letters.

10. Of course generosity abounds on Tinder.