Florida Gov. Rick Scott (Patti Blake, Miami Herald file)

More Floridians voted for medical pot than for triumphant Gov. Rick Scott

Here’s a fun fact from the 2014 election: More Floridians voted for medical marijuana Amendment 2 (which lost) than voted for incumbent Governor Rick Scott (who won).

It’s strange but true. And because activists were pushing medical cannabis in the form of a state constitutional amendment they needed 60 percent of the vote — and only saw 58 percent, with 99 percent of precincts reporting on Wednesday.

The number of voters who wanted legal medical marijuana in Florida: 3,357,513. The number of voters who reelected Governor Scott: 2,859,173.

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While the push for medical marijuana in Florida failed, recreational cannabis initiatives succeeded in Oregon, Alaska and Washington DC on Tuesday.

So medical marijuana received nearly 500,000 more votes than Governor Scott — 498,340 to be exact, and that’s still with 1 percent of precincts not reporting. Surely those are the kinds of numbers to inspire another push for medical marijuana in the Sunshine State in 2015 or 2016, as backer John Morgan recently promised.

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