These packages of marijuana-infused candy were seized Oct. 29 by Prince George County police in Maryland. (AP Photo/Prince George's County, Md. Police Department)

Coast-to-coast police warnings about pot candy getting ridiculous

What’s going on here?

Numerous media outlets ran a report Oct. 31 about marijuana edibles seized in Prince George, Maryland, that had originated from Colorado, along with local police issuing warnings to area parents to be on the lookout for THC-laced treats.

According to The Washington Post, the bust happened on Oct. 29.

Beyond the click-bait timing of the reports, this news raises the question: Were these cannabis candies really shipped illegally 1,500-plus miles to the East Coast, for the sole purpose of being given away to trick-or-treaters? Hmm.

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Meanwhile, over in Hawaii, police issued a similar warning to parents Halloween morning. According to an Associated Press report:

Kauai Police Chief Darryl Perry says while it’s unlikely children on Kauai will receive marijuana candy, the department felt it necessary to issue the warning because marijuana-coated candy is gaining popularity in states where marijuana is legal.

How soon till we’re seeing police warnings about marijuana-infused Christmas cookies and candy?