Harley Quinn (DC Comics)

DC Comics’ Harley Quinn, girlfriend of the Joker, smells of weed this issue

DC Comics villain Harley Quinn — a mainstay on all of the sexy-women-in-comics lists and the Joker’s sometimes-girlfriend/accomplice — is now sparking a different kind of controversy.

The Harley Quinn Annual #1, released Oct. 29, has a scratch-and-sniff cover with art via Amanda Conner and scent via cannabis sativa, according to comic industry site Bleeding Cool.

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We’ll call it DC Dank.

“The U.S. version will contain smells including leather, suntan lotion, pizza and ‘whatÂ’s referred to in the story as “cannabisylocibe 7-A.’ The smell of cannabis, that is,” Bleeding Cool writes. “Being distributed to comic stores across the country.”

The international release of the DC issue will smell of freshly cut grass — a nicely curated, and safer, homage.

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