Florida vote: MMJ initiative ‘is done,’ says pollster

It’s looking like Florida won’t pass its medical marijuana initiative in November, according to a new poll from Gravis Marketing.

The results of a random phone survey of 861 likely voters in Florida show that Amendment 2 doesn’t stand the best chances of passing with the needed 60 percent approval.

“50 percent of the Florida voters stated they would vote yes on the amendment while 42 percent stated they’d vote no,” the poll’s recap reads. “With only eight days remaining until the election, a powerful eight percent of undecided voters might hold the key to whether or not this ballot initiative passes or fails to receive the mandatory 60 percent support needed to make a change to the State of Florida’s constitution.”

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The legal marijuana industry is paying special attention to the Florida Amendment 2 vote — as well as recreational pot initiatives in Alaska and Oregon. But if this poll and its +/- 3 percent margin of error is correct, there will be no medical cannabis in the Sunshine State in 2014.

“Medical marijuana is done,” Gravis managing partner Doug Kaplan told the Orlando Sentinel.

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