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Reader: Parents to spy on new Aurora pot stores, report shoppers to council

A screengrab of The Cannabist
A screengrab of The Cannabist

the3ds: Make sure to tell everyone that as part of the Cherry Creek Parent’s Council, I only had to spend about 10 minutes making phone calls and was able to get more than 2 dozen parents from the 4 nearby elementary schools, 2 middle schools and 3 high schools to help me document every person who walks into that shop. We will also make an effort to take a photo and send it around to each other to see if it’s a parent at one of our kid’s schools. We have also promised to tell everyone we know that the parent is a pot-head and make sure to notify the Principals that we don’t want that parent chaperoning our children’s field trips, driving carpool to school events or hosting our kids at their house for slumber parties and playdates.

Coming to the wealthy suburbs with good schools and low crime means that there are plenty of us concerned parents who aren’t thrilled with our new neighbor and will do all we can to publicly shame those who think pot is cool. Perhaps they can go the ghetto where no one cares what they do. We moved to the suburbs for a reason and we aren’t going to watch our neighborhood to go hell. Go somewhere else. Suburban parents love to gossip and since there is a gas station and a grocery store right across from our new neighbor, so there will almost always be someone more than happy to document those who walk in the doors. Smile pretty for the camera.

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