Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, right, and gubernatorial opponent Bob Beauprez meet before a debate Sept. 30 in Denver. (Hyoung Chang, Denver Post file)

How do Hickenlooper and Beauprez feel about repealing legal marijuana?

DENVER — Whether marijuana legalization should be repealed in Colorado came up during the latest gubernatorial debate Thursday in Fort Collins, with Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper saying it would be premature to put the question to voters.

Instead, Hickenlooper said the state should tightly regulate the drug and prevent underage use.

Graphic: Colorado demand for marijuana is estimated at 130 metric tons of pot for 2014 — how heavy is that?

“I’m not going to go as far as to say we should lead an effort to make it illegal. I think that that would be premature,” Hickenlooper said during a debate at Colorado State University that was moderated and televised by KUSA-TV. Earlier this week, Hickenlooper said voters were “reckless” when they legalized the drug two years ago.

Hickenlooper’s Republican challenger, Bob Beauprez, cited the possible negative effects on developing brains, and said Colorado voters should be asked to consider repealing the law.

“I think we’re at that point,” Beauprez said.


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