Former reporter Charlo Greene (KTVA)

Alaska legalization forum gets heated as ex-TV reporter speaks up

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — A former Anchorage television reporter who quit her job with four-letter send-off got attention again at a public hearing about Alaska’s pot legalization measure.

Charlo Greene took the microphone at the Tuesday meeting and aimed criticism at the opposition group called Big Marijuana Big Mistake, KTUU reports.

“We know most of what you’ve been telling Alaskans is horse s***,” Greene said, according to KTUU.

“Personal attacks have continued and they’ve continued tonight, it’s rude and it’s not what Alaskans stand for,” said another speaker at the hearing.

Legalization opponent Jeff Jesse says Alaska doesn’t need a large scale commercial, industrial industry focused on increasing profits.

Greene abruptly quit during a live segment Sunday on KTVA. She announced she owned a marijuana business, and was devoting her time to advocate for a November ballot issue to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in Alaska. Her use of an expletive got her international attention.

Three hearings on the ballot measure remain, including Thursday in Wasilla, Monday in Bethel and Tuesday in Fairbanks.


Information from: KTUU-TV


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