(Provided by Denver Hemp Co.)

Gone Hemp: These socks are a sign of the times (review)

Back in the days of cannabis prohibition, shoppers looking for hemp products largely turned to the Internet.

Any hemp consumers in search of the once-elusive cannabis graphic-print socks could sometimes uncover a coveted pair while prowling through New York City street markets. Otherwise finding the perfect pair of pot leaf hemp socks practically required a trip to Amsterdam, where souvenir and novelty shops are teeming with pot socks. (Although, many of those are manufactured with manmade industrial textiles as opposed to sustainable hemp).

But this is a brave new world for hemp and cannabis consumers.

Today, stoners who care to highlight their pro-pot stance via footwear can turn to the Denver Hemp Co. for durable, affordable hemp-cotton blend socks featuring big green cannabis leaves. This homegrown Colorado company, which was founded by people who simply wanted to wear more hemp, also sells caps and clothing.

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Denver Hemp Co. points to hemp’s purported anti-bacterial, anti-microbial properties for these socks, which means they keep tootsies warm while reducing the chance for foot funkiness. This could be one reason that judges at the 2014 Denver County Fair awarded Denver Hemp Co. pot socks with a second-place ribbon for best hemp garment.

Just out of the package, graphics lovers will swoon over the crisp, bright green cannabis leaf print on these hemp socks. One more plus: The socks have an extra-long ribbed cuff, which means they hug calves no matter how meaty or muscular they might be.

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The only bummer with these pot leaf socks is they look weathered after only one washing, and that washing comes quickly since Colorado’s chilly fall nights dictate wearing these fun socks all day long and then keeping them on at bedtime. When someone with warm, stylish feet finally parts with their Denver Hemp Co. socks long enough for them to get washed, that person may feel a slight let-down when, out of the dryer, the green cannabis leaves look slightly less vivid than they did before.

Denver Hemp Co.’s pot leaf hemp socks for men and women are $12 at denverhempco.com.