Willie Nelson (Jack Plunkett, Invision/AP)

Video: Remember when Willie Nelson smoked up on the White House roof?

Reddit nearly lost its mind in July when Snoop Dogg owned up to smoking a joint at the White House.

Sure enough, the MC swears it’s true.

But if we think back to President Jimmy Carter’s time in the White House, another prominent pro-pot picker also did the deed inside — or rather on top of — 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. And it’s a story country legend Willie Nelson enjoys telling from time to time.

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A CNN correspondent asked Nelson if he really rolled one on the White House’s roof and he coyly answered, “No, I rolled it before I got up there.”

Was he not afraid of getting caught?

“I shoulda been,” Nelson said.

Think Willie’s lying? Even the New York Times says it happened, and that’s gotta mean something.