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Police arrest five in downtown Denver narcotics bust

Five people were arrested for sales and possession of narcotics Monday afternoon in downtown Denver after an undercover operation busted a group of suspected marijuana peddlers, police said.

Police arrest five in downtown Denver narcotics bust
A handcuffed woman stands near near the intersection of Broadway and West Colfax Ave., Monday, September 8, 2014. (Larry Ryckman, The Denver Post)

District 6 Cmdr. Tony Lopez said his department received several complaints about people selling small quantities of marijuana on the corner of Broadway and Colfax Avenue outside The Denver Post.

In response, police set up an undercover operation, Lopez said, and went in as undercover officers to make purchases and arrests.

Five handcuffed suspects sat on the curb surrounded by patrol cars, mounted police and other officers at about 3 p.m. Monday.

“We’ve been looking at that location for the last couple of weeks and, as a result of the information received, we pulled the trigger on the operation today,” Lopez said.

Lopez said tips from the community helped officers make the bust.

“We’re very sensitive to community complaints,” he said.

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