How the giant "Don't Be a Lab Rat" installations will look once implemented. (Office of Governor John W. Hickenlooper)

First look: See photos of youth-oriented “Lab Rat” cages, campaign

Remember when Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper first spoke about the state’s youth-oriented “Don’t Be a Lab Rat” campaign — with “large, metal cages with a hamster water bottle on the side”?

The first thing on most minds at the time was: “But what will it look like?”

The Cannabist has an exclusive mock-up of what the giant cages will look like once implemented on Aug. 11, as you’ll see above. The cages look clinical and true-to-life, complete with a sliding door, a handle on top and Hickenlooper’s aforementioned water bottle.

The cages are the campaign, of course, but information will be presented in the form of posters posing such open-ended questions and propositions as: “Volunteers needed. Must have a developing brain. Must smoke weed. Must not be concerned about schizophrenia.”

The Cannabist also received an exclusive look at some of the posters that will be displayed inside the cages. Here are three of them.

In an unscientific Cannabist poll, a slight majority of readers voted that teens won’t take the campaign seriously.

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