A new addition for the 2014 Denver County Fair was a Pot Pavilion for 21-and-older attendees. (Karl Gehring, The Denver Post)

Three people say they were drugged at Denver County Fair’s Pot Pavilion

Denver County Fair officials confirmed they are investigating at least three separate cases of people who said they were drugged after eating a Full Melt Chocolate bar that contained THC at the Denver County Fair’s Pot Pavilion.

Denver County Fair Spokesperson, Dana Cain said at least two of those people went to the hospital after they became dizzy, sick and confused. They tested positive for THC.

Arvada man hospitalized after he was allegedly drugged at Denver County Fair's Pot Pavilion
(via 7News)

“I was given one of these, it looked just like that,” Richard Jones said as he pointed to a picture of a Full Melt Chocolate bar on his computer screen.

The Pot Pavilion was new to the fair this year. The cannabis-free event featured contests, music and a variety of vendors for those 21 and older.

Jones attended the event on Sunday and said vendor LivWell gave him a Full Melt chocolate bar that was supposed to be THC free.

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