In this file photo taken April 4, 2013, marijuana plant starts are seen at a growing facility in Seattle.

Washington dank: Press conference will launch Opening Day in Seattle

Some Washingtonians want to get to the pot shop today — a.k.a. Opening Day, a.k.a. July 8 — wait in line, buy their weed, go home and smoke/vape/eat/drink it.

Others want to seek out the party, the place where the movers and shakers and celebrators will be, and revel in the moment of legalization while surrounded by like-minded activists and friends. Those seeking out the party should know about the press conference at Cannabis City, 2733 Fourth Ave. S. in Seattle, at 11:30 a.m. PDT July 8.

I-502 architect Alison Holcomb, who we interviewed about Opening Day in Washington, said she’ll at the Cannabis City presser.

“James Lathrop, the owner of the shop, is going to host a press conference at 11:30,” Holcomb said. “He’ll do a ribbon cutting ceremony at noon — high noon — and then he’ll invite people in … Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes will be there, as will others.”

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The following press release was distributed to area media:

July 3, 2014 Media Advisory

Seattle’s First Legal Marijuana Shop To Open Its Doors July 8

Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes and I-502 Architect Alison Holcomb To Attend

SEATTLE – Seattle’s first retail marijuana store to be legal under Washington’s Initiative 502 is set to open midday next Tuesday. Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes, an I-502 sponsor, and Alison Holcomb, the primary drafter of the initiative and director of the I-502 campaign, will attend the grand opening of Cannabis City, located at 2733 Fourth Avenue South in Seattle’s SoDo neighborhood. James Lathrop, owner of Cannabis City, will host a press conference at 11:30 a.m.

“It’s an honor to lead the way,” said Mr. Lathrop. “This has been a challenging process, but I’m excited to be at the forefront of launching a new, legal marijuana market.”

Mr. Lathrop expects to receive his state retail license on his birthday, July 7. Once he receives the license, he will be able to complete his first order of marijuana from a licensed processor. Agency regulations require a 24-hour quarantine of the marijuana before it can be transported to the retailer for final sale.