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Gone Hemp: Twenty-4 Zen granola good for body, soul (review)

Some hemp-loving home chefs take cookbook author Jessica Seinfeld’s sneaky approach to introducing this particular nutrient-rich ingredient into regular recipes. Thanks to hemp’s high protein, fiber and fatty acid content, health-minded foodies often slip the edible seeds, either raw or toasted, into tacos, casseroles, salads, shakes and more.

But culinary disguises become superfluous when the hemp-enhanced food is delicious Twenty-4 Zen Mocha Chocolate Chip Hemp Granola.

I mean, really? Coffee, plus chocolate, plus hemp? Can’t go wrong!

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Unless you dislike sweets (because with chocolate chips this would definitely qualify), it’s hard to harbor any aversions to Twenty-4 Zen’s gluten-free snack, which was conceived to balance root chakras, or core energy points. That makes sense, as health food junkies who love to eat hemp tend to mention digestive regulation as one of its physiological benefits. Another benefit touted by “hempies” is that it promotes a lasting “full” feeling, which makes hemp-enhanced granola great for trail snacking and other energy-zapping Colorado summertime fun.

Twenty-4 Zen granola is vegan, soy free, and low in fat, carbs and calories. And, consumers can generally count on hemp companies like this to be socially-conscious: The owner of Twenty-4 Zen puts people with disabilities to work as part of her manufacturing process.

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Twenty-4 Zen Mocha Chocolate Chip Hemp Granola is included in the inaugural, subscription-based, hemp product sample package from HempBox. Readers of The Cannabist can save $5 on their first HempBox purchase by using the coupon code “CANNABIST” during checkout at hempbox.com.

Mocha Chocolate Chip Hemp Granola also is available through amazon.com; pricing may vary through other retailers.

To see the full catalog of Twenty-4 Zen health foods, visit twenty4zen.com.

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