Bruce Campbell (AP file)

Bruce Campbell on pot legalization: “It’s about goddamn time!”

The Baron of B-Movies himself, Bruce Campbell, took a few minutes to talk to The Cannabist’s sister blog Shiny Objects after a panel at Denver Comic Con 2014 last weekend.

After talking on everything from “Burn Notice” to the rumored sequels “Army of Darkness 2” and “Evil Dead 4,” we asked him about his opinion on legalized marijuana.

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“It’s about goddamn time!” he says. “I’m just sorry my state (Oregon) couldn’t get it through. Maybe just too many stoners or something.”

But Campbell thinks it’s probably coming for Oregon, too, and is glad to see the country coming around.

“You can drink yourself to death in, what, an hour? If you put yourself to it. But you can smoke an entire bushel. Anyone who says it’s worse than alcohol should probably have their license revoked or something.”

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