Families outside of Colorado are writing letters to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder in hopes that marijuana will be removed from the Schedule I drugs list and be available for medical use. (Craig F. Walker, The Denver Post)

Mom: “More parents will go on the black market to find this medicine”

Families from throughout the U.S. are continuing to write convincing letters to Attorney General Eric Holder, pleading with the federal government to remove marijuana from the list of Schedule I drugs and make it more available as medicine.

Many of the families hope to use marijuana to help their children find relief — as many do in Colorado. One of those letter-writing mothers is Shannon Moore of Frederick, Md., whose 3-year-old sons Byron and Nicolas Deliyannis suffer from the seizure-inducing Miller-Dieker syndrome.

In part, Moore’s letter to Holder read:

“Medical marijuana is working for (reducing) seizures. If we wait, more parents will go on the black market to find this medicine at great risk, more children will become medical refugees trapped in legal states, more opportunities to study the medical benefits of this amazing plant will be lost and more children legally using cannabis will be turned away from receiving medical care in hospitals.”

Moore’s letter was one of 25 sent to Holder on May 27 via a Facebook group made up of parents fighting for access to medical marijuana.

“When you’re on Facebook, you get to meet a lot of parents, and you watch their kids die, and you wonder if they died needlessly,” Moore told The Frederick News-Post. “For me, that was hard to bear.”