Grumpy Cat (Matt Sayles, Invision/AP)

New Zealand housecat delivers “bag of drugs” to owner’s doorstep

What would you do if your cat showed up on the doorstep with a baggie full of marijuana?

A New Zealand woman was surprised to find what she called “a bag of drugs” on her doorstep on May 18. The woman, a Halfway Bush resident who asked police that she not be identified, “was very pleased to have the evidence removed,” Dunedin Police Sargent Reece Munro told the Otago Daily Times.

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“It was approximately 5 grams of cannabis, which has a street value of between $100 and $150,” Munro told the Kiwi paper. “You hear of cats bringing dead birds and rats home but certainly in my career I’ve never seen anything like this before … I guess you never really know who’s keeping you honest these days, do you?”

Where the marijuana came from remains a mystery, though the police are planning on fingerprinting — pawprinting? — the evidence.